We went to the compost facility to build deliberately.

Last week, we built 16 raised beds! That's half of our veggie beds. After we were done, we looked at all the beds, and I couldn't help but picture squash, melons, tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, and berries... overflowing and flourishing in the garden. And I also realized that this garden is going to be HUGE!

Thanks to SGA, we have even more funding for the year, and we're going to build more, smaller beds for herbs, native plants, flowers, and any leftover veggies. We also get to buy berries for everyone to enjoy for years to come!

Instead of talking more about the raised bed build, I'm just going to post some pictures to show highlights.

Our first completed bed!

Brian looking rather ferocious with a saw.

Emma... the riveter.

Pat getting down to business.

"Cole, look at Pat!" "Cole, look at what you're doing!"

Emma working hard as Brian casually watches along.

This weekend, we plan to build 16 more beds, install them (with stakes) into the garden, and fill them with dirt! That means next weekend we get to build the fence, load in some compost, and hopefully start planting! We've got some onions, leeks, and kale that are just itching to get in the ground.

Join us for these two exciting work days:
Saturday, May 1: 10 AM - 2 PM
Saturday, May 2: 11 AM - 3 PM

Be a part of the garden's growth!

Also, if you didn't see, we were on the cover of The Ithaca Journal! Check out the April 21st story on Earth Day to see a picture from the seed starting activity at our open house. Pretty cool!

We hope to see you at the build & install days this weekend. Bring water and a snack to share if you can, bring a friend, and of course, bring an eager & excited you!

Happy & Morelly May,


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